I’m writing this on Father’s Day and am, of course, thinking about my own father who really was my greatest fan. From the time I could talk, he always believed what I said (even when he knew I was lying), always knew I could do whatever I set out to do (even when I knew I couldn’t), and applauded all my accomplishments as if they were among the greatest achievements in the world.

I wish he was here with me now as I pick my way through the murky weeds of cancer. The disease cost him his own life, although he never let his family see his fears. He faced it bravely and with as much dignity as he could muster. I have heard his voice in my head many times over the last few months as I faced my own diagnosis, my larger-than-imagined surgery, my roller coaster recovery, and the daily installments of my future. But I hope he can see how I am handling it all, and I know that if he can, he would be proud. Just to help him get the image, wherever his spirit may be today, here is a brief video of my recent forward motion.