Non-Profit Work

Sue Guiney often speaks about the importance of taking one’s creativity off the page and into the world. She has done just that by devoting a great deal of her life to teaching and working in non-profit environments. Her charitable work has ranged from developing theatre companies and new playwrights, to supporting former street children in Cambodia. All this has led to the founding of her own NGO, Writing Through, which has become an award winning organization championing the importance of literacy, arts education and self-esteem in at-risk populations throughout SE Asia.

Writing Through

Through the creative writing of poetry and stories, in English, Writing Through works with at-risk populations in SE Asia to accomplish its three aims: To improve fluency in English, both speaking and writing; to develop capacity for conceptual thought; and to enhance individual self-esteem and the belief that one’s thoughts and feelings have value and are worth expressing. Sue founded this organization in 2015 and still serves as it’s CEO.

Anjali House

Anjali House is a school and shelter in Siem Reap, Cambodia which supports some of the area’s most underprivileged children through education, health care and the arts. They believe that no child should be forced to beg or work, and that they have the right to enjoy their childhood – to learn, play, make friends and grow in a safe and happy environment. Sue serves as a member of the Advisory Board of Trustees.

Theatre Deli

In 2006, Sue founded the charity CurvingRoad in order to support emerging playwrights. Several years later, that charity joined with Theatre Deli, a groundbreaking organization which expands opportunities for people to make and experience art. To create these opportunities they believe in doing things differently, providing alternative ways of experiencing art from what’s traditionally on offer or finding completely new opportunities where there weren’t any before. Sue served as Chair of the Board of Directors of Theatre Deli until 2016, and remains involved as an Emeritus member.

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