Last week I had my second vaccine dose. For me, the end of the CoVid nightmare is now in sight. Throughout this past year, I have written about my reactions to the pandemic here and here – the first 100 days, and then the second 100 days. As the vaccines became more available, I began to believe with more certainty that I would indeed make it through this crisis safely. Thankfully, I have, but life has a strange sense of humor. At the same time that I was celebrating the end of the long, dark road out of CoVid, I was taking my first hesitant steps on a new, unexpected journey.

Last week I was diagnosed with cancer. I have a puzzling malignancy in an unusual place. Although I’m happy  to present a challenge, perhaps I have taken my goal of living a creative life a bit too far.  But in any event, I am determined to walk this path with as much openness, grace and humor as I can muster. The threat of CoVid made me so fearful and anxious for so long. But this new threat is affecting me in a very different way. I feel determined, eager to get going, and optimistic. I also feel filled with an intention to write about whatever struggles and lessons may come. After all, writing is what I do. The blog posts may be a bit sporadic for a while, but they will come, just as they have for the past thirteen years. To whomever out there decides to follow along, thank you. I’ll appreciate the company.