I find myself in the weird position of having finished reading my latest book, and also being at the bottom of my ‘To Be Read’ pile. What to do? There are so many new(ish) books I could move on to, of course. But it dawned on me that maybe this is a good time to plug what I call my Reading Hole – those are the embarrassing gaps in my lifetime of reading created by the fact that I never got around to reading this masterpiece, that cultural necessity, or the other must read. We all have such holes, I’m sure. But they are often too embarrassing to admit to.

So I’m going to say it out loud and admit to the fact that I’ve never read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Okay, I never read The Fountainhead either or, to be honest, any Ayn Rand at all. How did I make it through college in the 70’s without reading any of her work? Don’t ask. but somehow I did and now, (gulp) amount of years later, I think I’ll plug this particular reading hole.

I now wonder what reading holes other people have? What are some of the great and important works of literature you’ve never gotten around to? Go ahead. I showed you mine. Now you show me yours.