(WordPress is being wonky, so I’ve had to split this into 2. Here’s the last part. Sorry…)
The week ended with an actual writing day for me, working on the next chapter of my work-in-progress. And there will be more of that over this weekend and through Monday, which is a holiday here: Meak Bochea Day, the religious celebration which commemorates the final sermon given by Buddha in which he summarized the three principles which stand at the heart of Buddhism. Buddhists here go to their local pagoda to give offerings. With any luck, my own offering will be another 1,500 words.
And what’s the point of all this, anyway? Well, maybe a picture can be worth a thousand words. Here is the group of students who came to the children’s library at The Centre for Khmer Studies, just to hear me read a silly book about a scruffy, though kind, giant. Reading for pleasure, increased literacy and love of language, thinking new thoughts:IMG_1134