I’m no fool.
When I started thinking about what else I wanted to explore through my series of Cambodian novels, I thought to myself, “Gee, there is a rich and complicated history between Cambodia and France. I love Paris. I’m sure I need to do some research on the Cambodian diaspora in Paris. Oh yes. I’m sure of it.”  And so….
This Saturday I am off to spend a week in Paris. I have lined up several people, Khmer refugees themselves, to interview. I will go on a walking tour of the areas where the Cambodians tend to live. I will try to go visit the Khmer Pagoda.  I am also meeting with the NGO Enfants du Mekong whom I taught for this year to discuss my program and other ways we can work together. It’s all vital to my work and my writing. Really! It is!
If it happens to also be the Bank Holiday, if it happens to also be my birthday, if it happens to also be the beautiful month of May, well, then, so much the better.
As I said, I’m no fool.
See you in June.