I know not everyone is celebrating a  holiday over the next few days but we at Chez Guiney are celebrating two. This is one of those years when Chanukah and Christmas coincide and we celebrate both. I’ve always felt that on such years, rather than dilute the festivities, the overlap enhances them. Maybe that’s why I’m in a more festive mood this year than most. But regardless, in a couple of days I fly off to the States with Number 1 Son where we meet Number 2 Son at the airport and then travel together by car then ferry to our island house. The Big D joins the following day.

Islands are, of course, wonderful in hot weather. But I especially love ours in winter. I love bundling up for our annual Christmas morning beach walk. I love trudging down our dirt road in the snow, and even if there isn’t snow, I love the sound of the crackling dirt beneath our boots.

But of course, best of all, is having the four of us under one roof for an extended amount of time, eating too much, drinking too much. I love watching old movies together. I love the sudden serious conversations. I even love when we hide out from each other behind temporarily closed doors.

So, yes, I am a holiday mush ball in anticipation. And before I nauseate you all even more, I’ll sign off for the time being with this year’s holiday video – in honour of the re-emergence on the scene of The Muppets.

Lots of love and many thanks for listening to me ramble on over the past year. See you in — gulp — 2012.