Well, maybe not really, but at times it certainly seemed like it. The summer of 2011 was:
* an earthquake
* England on fire
* a hurricane
* Poetry Society hysteria
* everything that could go wrong with a house sale that’s possible
* aborted work attempts

But it was also:
* no personal injuries or damage from the hurricane or earthquake or London fires
* a house sale and a flat purchase eventually accomplished
* the wedding of a dear friend’s daughter
* a chapter of novel 3 completed, plus some additional bits and pieces
* my actor son and his girlfriend being in the hit play of the London summer season, “Blue Surge”
* lots of time on the beach with family and friends
* 2 book signings for “A Clash of Innocents” and 1 for “Her Life Collected”

reading at the Kara Taylor Gallery, Vineyard Haven, MA

So not the apocalypse after all. And now I’m sitting in a hotel room in Cambridge, Massachusetts where we are doing the college drop off of Number 2 Son the day after Hurricane Irene and I’m trying to ease my way back into work mode. September will be busy with workshops, more readings, the start of my residency in the SE Asian Department of SOAS and more work on the new novel, plus a poem or two and blogging again with more regularity.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

Hope everyone had a safe and happy summer. I’ll see you in earnest when I’m back in London in  my new flat next week.