Tonight! I’m running around like crazy trying not to get nervous so this is just a quick hi to say it’s all happening at the zoo, over 100 people have said they’ll be coming, and hopefully I’ll remember to ask someone to take photos so I can post them tomorrow (or soon thereafter). Asia House will be abuzz, I’m sure. There will be photos on display by Cambodian children who are learning about photography at the shelter, Anjali House. And we’ve put together a power point presentation of more of these amazing photos which will – if all goes according to plan — be beamed onto a screen behind me as I read some excerpts from the book. I’ll be standing on a podium and everything, which is a good thing because otherwise my hands shake terribly when I’m nervous. There will be drinks and Asian nibbles and Cambodian music playing in the background. And of course, my blog tour has already started with the first stops at J.D. Smith‘s and Sarah Salway’s.

And speaking of tours, Vanessa Gebbie asked if I was going to bring my book on tour to Cambodia as I had originally hoped.  The answer is a definite YES! Either this coming February or March, I’ll be doing events in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, hopefully in Bangkok (yes JJ, I’m acomin’) and perhaps even Laos. This all has to be arranged and finalized but plans are beginning to be made. Fear not – I’ll bring you all with me via my trusty laptop.

But first, to New Cavendish Street W1! Wish me luck!