I am very excited to say that this week I completed the final edits of A Clash of Innocents.  I read it through one last time, word for word, but this time it was in the typeface and format of the final product. What a difference that makes! Suddenly it felt like I was reading a book, and that was, to be honest, rather terrifying.  One last chance to tell my story.  One last chance to breathe life into my characters.  My editor encouraged me by saying the book was ready and that all I needed to do was tighten it up here and there to get the page set-up and page count as we wanted.  I didn’t believe her at first.  Is it true? Could my second novel actually be finished? Well, amazingly enough, the answer seems to be yes.  So now, off it goes to the printer.  The next time I look at the words that tell the story of Deborah, Amanda, Kyle and the kids from the Khmer Home for Blessed Children, they will be nestled between the covers of a brand new book!

From one accomplishment then to another, namely the annual 5k Road Race over the hills of our little island town.  I’m not a big runner.  I run a bit, maybe once a week when the weather isn’t awful.  But I’ve been running this race now every year for 17 years!  I don’t really keep track of the time.  And I define the word run rather loosely. But the atmosphere is like a carnival. And there’s nothing like doing a final pretend sprint to the finish line as your family — who had finished so long before you that they had stopped sweating and already eaten their complimentary Italian ice — cheer you on.  And the fact that you are reading this now means I have lived to tell the tale.

And what next? Well, Tuesday I fly from Boston to London to Edinburgh to see my wonderfully talented Number 1 Son in the play he’s brought to the Festival.  Pedal Pusher is about the Tour de France, drugs and obsession, and my boy plays Lance Armstrong.  Maybe some of you saw the segment about it on UK’s Channel 4 News?  Very exciting.  So yes — I may be a writer and even an occasional runner, but I’m first and foremost a mother, so I am swallowing my carbon footprint guilt and doing a 3-day there and back trip so I can see the play and take him and his friends out to dinner.  I’ll tell you all about it next week. And then, keep your eyes peeled for more and more info about the book, the launch, pr ideas etc.  And if anyone would either like to host me on your blog or invite me to appear (either in person or on-line) at your book club, let me know.