I hadn’t planned on blogging today, but I guess I just can’t stay away from all of you.  I had given myself a break from all things internet over the UK’s long Easter holiday — if you like 3-day weekends, you’ll love 4 — while Hubby and I recovered from our flus (nearly there), tested the churning stomach waters (to state a terrible metaphor) with a couple of restaurant outings, and held our own special Guiney holiday celebration.  You see, Easter is the perfect holiday for us, especially when it overlaps with Passover.  When that happens, which is most years, we hold a Seder for whomever we can round up and remind ourselves that the Last Supper was really just a Passover Seder, and that our religions have much more in common than we usually believe. You see, one of us is Catholic, the other Jewish, and rather than choose one over the other, or even reject both, we have embraced both. We do Christmas and Chanukah, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Easter and Passover.  On holidays, we go to church and synagogue, and we’ve tried hard to make our kids feel welcome in both traditions.  So when we can celebrate two birds with one stone (oy – again with the awful metaphors), we rejoice in the commonality of it all.  Alas, Number 2 Son was half a planet away this year, but Number 1 Son spent the entire day with us and it was wonderful.  A real celebration.  We even cooked the lamb on the grill out back, pretending that Spring was really upon us….

So I didn’t have a chance to write my usual Sunday blog and assumed I’d absent myself until Thursday.  All sorts of fun and (fingers crossed) exciting things are around the corner and I’ll be sharing them all with you.  But in the meantime, I wanted to point you in the way of a new blog by Poul Webb here.  I first met Poul at a poetry reading. He has had lots of poetry published, but he would be the first to say he isn’t really a poet, but rather an artist.  His paintings are regularly exhibited in a gallery in London, and on his new website, he shows photographs, ads, paintings — anything which seems visually interesting to him.  It’s really a delight and worth checking out.

So that’s enough rambling for a Tuesday morning (you can pretend that’s me and Hubby taking a Spring ramble in the photo above.  Of course, it’s not.  It’s a photo from flickr I found, but it’s pretty and we can pretend).  An in-box full of emails await.  And who knows….I might even get to do some creative writing sometime soon.