Thanks to JJ at Tea Stains, I am now the proud recipient of a Prolific Blogger Award.  I’m tired just thinking about it 🙂  Actually, so many people post blogs more frequently than I do that I’m rather chuffed about this.  So now I’m supposed to send you here so you can read all about the award, and I’m supposed to pass this on to seven people.  At the risk of offending someone, I think just pointing you in the direction of Advance Booking will go a long way towards “spreading the love.” At the end of that post there is a list of over 200 blogs — do go there, find some that sound interesting for you to check out. And I authorize all of you to add your names to the list.  We’re all prolific in some way or another (even if it’s just the amount of chocolate we eat or naps we take) and let’s face it — we all need an award from time to time.

Otherwise, I’m rather consumed at the moment with a long, if not prolific, list of activities. There’s the new CurvingRoad production, a new story that continues to be not quite right, a new poetry collection going through it’s second revision, plus all the stuff that’s “out there,” not the least of which is my Cambodia novel that’s knocking on doors hoping to be asked in to tea – which brings me back to JJ.  Thanks again, JJ. I really needed this pat on the back.  Ever onward everyone!