Ladies and Gentlemen,
The winner of today’s We Need to Talk about Kelvin quiz is Lane.  Congratulations!!!! Your signed book will be winging its way through the cosmos very soon.

And here are the answers in bold:

1.  The scientists who won the Nobel prize for detecting the faint “afterglow” of the big bang thought they had found:

a) The glow of pigeon droppings
b) The glow of street lights
c) The glow of glow worms

2. Einstein’s mathematics professor called him a:

a) Lazy possum
b) Lazy dingo
c) Lazy dog

3. “J. J.” Thomson got the Nobel Prize for showing the electron was a particle and his son got it for showing:

a) It carried a negative charge
b) It weighed about 1/2000 that of a hydrogen atom
c) It wasn’t a particle

4.  The Greek philosopher Anaxagoras thought the sun was “a little bit bigger than”:

a) The Parthenon
b) Athens
c) Greece

5.  According to Einstein, time flows more slowly:

a) In the company of close relatives
b) On the ground floor of a building rather than on the top floor
c) Watching Countdown

Thanks everyone!