Here I go, traveling again.  First, a fun trip with a friend to Verona.  A bit of a celebratory, empty nest sort of trip, an I-can-do-it-now-so-why-don’t-I kind of thing. Then after a few days home, I’m off to the States to visit family and go to Parents’ Weekend at Number 2 Son’s university.  Needless to say, I’m looking forward to that most of all.  But I’m also looking forward to seeing if any poems come out of all this travel.  There is something about being dislocated that always makes me think poetically.  Yes, I can write poetry sitting in my little office upstairs.  But it all seems to come more easily, and perhaps more interestingly, when I’m on the road.  I wonder if that’s true with anyone else.  Regardless of what you write or draw or compose, do you find it easier if you are amid your usual surroundings or does being away somehow help to bring out something new?  Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all.  I’d love to hear your thoughts….

And speaking of thoughts and dislocation, here is a most spectacular thought by Samuel Beckett from his “Texts for Nothing”:
               We spend our life trying to bring together in the same instant
                                     a ray of sunshine and a free bench.

Happy searching.