I’m still in the midst of what we have started to affectionately call “The Long Goodbye,” nearly a week’s-worth of events, official and un-, surrounding the graduation of Number 2 son.  It’s been wonderful.

I have had the occasional moment, though, to check on blogs, and there was one that I have to draw to your attention.  After my post about small presses and the phoenix-like rise of bluechrome here, many of you went to that site looking to buy books, only to find it unloadable.  Happily, I can now say that the site is back on line and boldly point you all once again in its direction here.  There are hundreds of wonderful books on offer, everything from poetry collections to novels to short story collections.  Summer’s here and the time is right not only for dancin’ in the streets, but also for readin’ on the beach. Do yourselves a favour – hey, do all of us a favour – and take a look.

More soon.  In the meantime, hope there’s sunshine where you are.