It’s hard to believe, but we are embarking on Week 3 of the “Tangled Roots Space-Time Tour.” Today’s stop is over at BT‘s place where we’ll be discussing writing about Russia and the origins of the character of Grace.  BT is not a writer herself, and so to hear her questions and get her reactions is a quite a treat!

But to get us in the mood, I thought I’d share with you the first part of the special that Joao Magueijo made for The Science Channel called “Joao Magueijo’s Big Bang.”  I think it helps to show why the poet in me couldn’t help but write about cosmology, and why even after spending years of my life thinking and writing about it, it still fascinates me.  Joao was kind enough to meet with me while I was researching “Tangled Roots.”  If you watch this first part of the series (the rest can be found on YouTube here), I think you’ll see why I’ve found it all so compelling.