I’m off for a quick weekend in New York (as one does).  It’s part of this “ex-pat” life that you get used to hopping on and off planes to go all sorts of places in too short a time.  But it’s my father’s birthday weekend, and although I won’t say which one, it’s a biggie and we’re all getting together to celebrate.  So New York City, here I come. Flying out of Heathrow Terminal 5 (gulp) and into JFK (ugh) — the things we do for love! 
 Then back for a few days until the last leg (for now) of the book tour:

Friday, 20 June  1-2.30 pm  Liverpool Waterstones, 14 Bold Street
Saturday, 21 June 1-2.30 pm Manchester Waterstones, 91 Deansgate
I was just walking down the Kings Road in Chelsea, London, doing some last minute errands, when I passed by the window of one of my favourite bookshops in the world, John Sandoe’s.  If you’ve never heard of it, check out their website.  If you have, it’s worth a visit whenever you’re in London.  It is everything a bookshop should ever be — and now even more, because my own Tangled Roots is sitting there, in the front window, part of the ever-changing long row

of books which always makes up the window dressing of this wonderful shop.  Take a look:
Okay.  I know it’s squeezed in the corner, but even so.  Chalk up yet another fantasy come true!