Here’s a confession for you…I love reading those articles about writers’ working lives, how they write, where, when, and all those piddly little details that come together to make us who we are.  I recently discovered that the multi-talented Sarah Salway is also intrigued by this idea, though she has brought her interest up to an obsession by subscribing to (and now addicting me to) the  website, Shedworking.
But let’s face it — as interesting as all these articles may be, nothing can compare to when the article is, actually, about you.  So I must tell you that in this month’s issue of The Verb, their usual column called “What’s On Your Desk?” is actually about me and mine.  I have always liked this site which has been providing writers with “an active guide to better writing” for five years now.  That’s quite an accomplishment in this cyberworld we work in.  But now, well….

I hope you like the article.  And as faithful readers of my blog I thought I’d give you the added treat of seeing what the thing really looks like:

Go ahead.  Analyze away.