Gee, those guys at Waterstones are great! Last night’s launch was terrific.  Lots of people, plenty of wine, heaps of books.  Thanks so much to the Waterstones team for providing such a fun and easy-going atmosphere, and for even taking photos:

The room was filled with people from all different parts of my life — friends, family, fellow members of the orchestra I play with, The Kensington Philharmonic, and fellow bluechrome authors, all of whom are so talented, so generous, and with wonderful books of their own: Leah Fritz , Mo McAuley, Ruth O’Callaghan, Sarah Salway, Poul Webb. Plus, a smattering of people I don’t know at all, some who are writers themselves in the earliest stages of their careers, other ex-pats curious to know how their experiences compare with mine. All in all, a wonderful night!

And then, I woke to find that the most lovely DJ Kirby had written a review of Tangled Roots and posted it on her blog.  My first review!  And it’s so beautiful I know I should never read another one again!
So, here I said I wouldn’t be blogging as much this week, but I can’t seem to stop talking to you and wanting to share it all with you. So keep checking in and don’t worry, I will remember that it’s “not just about me.”