After my two week adventure, I spent the weekend catching up on all the things one usually catches up on after a holiday.  But there was one special addition this time.  A wonderful poet (and fellow bluechrome author), Nigel McLoughlin, has posted a recording of a reading he recently was asked to do.  While the boys were at the footie, I took some time to quietly sit and listen. My God, it’s beautiful!  I knew Nigel’s poetry before from his recently published collection, Dissonances, but hearing him read his work was so wonderful I have to share it with you.  The audio can be found on buzzwords here and here and I urge you to take some time and give a listen.

Now, I’ve always been a sucker for an Irish accent, and Nigel has a most lilting one.  But listening to him made me think once again about how different the experience of reading a poem is from that of listening to it.  Wonderful in their own ways, but different.  And it also made me think about how, in the midst of all the excitement and hysteria surrounding the launch of my novel, I have been neglecting the poetry and I do so at my peril.  A teacher once told me that there really isn’t any difference between poetry and prose at all in that, at its best, it should all be poetry.  That’s what we as writers should always be striving for no matter what we write.  And it’s absolutely true.