It’s easy to think that all this isolation will breed all sorts of writing. The sparks of creativity might be there, but do you have the energy, both physically and mentally, to actually act on those sparks? I know that I have only been able to focus on writing creatively in disparate short spurts. But clearly people are needing a creative outlet. I find myself reading more poetry than I usually do (and I read a lot of poetry). I start my day with the Poem-A-Day offering from Poets.Org. And sometimes, I pick up my Writing Through Magic Pencil and stare out the window and imagine what it would feel like to write.

But where to start? Given that, despite the pandemic, April is still Poetry Month, poetry is a very good place to start. And luckily, the internet is full of places that provide prompts to help you out. Writing Through is one such place. You can check out what they are posting every week via their links on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Join in, or just quietly jot down a word or two on your own.

Another link which I have been enjoying is the Facebook group, The Daily Haiku. The haiku is not a form I usually work in, but it is a great one and, hey, it’s short. So you can give it a try on the sly. I even did and here’s what I came up with:

On An Isolated Walk

Stray leaves cling to trees

cracked dry and withered like my

aging, hopeful hands

Another website which also looks interesting is LiteraryLaura. You can give that one a look, too.

So what’s my point? To you all and myself I say – even if the spark of creativity is there, you don’t need to act on it if right now it all seems too much. We all have so much to do in our lives just to get through this pandemic in one piece. Don’t add more pressure on yourself. But if you’d like to dabble or try something out – go for it. There are plenty of places around to help. It can be our little secret.