We have a silly saying around our house:

 What is it about time?

     It flies.

It certainly does, and as it flies away, it takes lots with it. Some of you might have noticed a certain quiet that had descended on my blog over the past few months, and that is because recently, with the passing of time went the passing of my father. I was lucky to have him around for as long as I did. The hole of his absence is one that will never be filled, but which I am growing to adopt and internalize as part of who I am now. But dad was a doggedly loyal reader of my blog, commenting to me on every single post which I wrote over all these years. And so I know he would be thrilled at the one I am writing now because this blog is a sign of progress, of moving forward determinedly, positively, and that’s what he was all about.

I am hereby officially announcing the launch of my newly redesigned website! The address, www.sueguiney.com, is the same, but the look is entirely different. I hope you like it! It was accomplished with the expert (not to mention fun) help of the talented website design people at Opte Solutions , and I thank them for their work, and happily recommend them to anyone else out there looking to update their site.

Why am I doing this now? Because this heralds the beginning of the preparations for the publication of my next novel, the third in the trilogy portraying life in Cambodia today. The manuscript is finished (for now), and it sits patiently waiting in my publisher’s queue. Publication isn’t due until 2019, but as they say, time flies!