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Writing Through Among the Winners of

Judith’s Reading Room’s ‘Freedom Through Literacy’


Writing Through, an organization which teaches conceptual thinking and self-esteem through the creative writing of poetry and stories to some of Cambodia’s most at-risk populations, has been chosen as Runner Up in the prestigious international ‘Freedom Through Literacy’ competition.
Writing Through grew out of a series of workshops started in 2010 by the novelist and poet, Sue Guiney, in one educational shelter in Siem Reap called Anjali House. From there, it grew into an organization now helping students and adults in schools and NGO’s throughout Cambodia. These workshops have allowed young Cambodians to build their confidence, expand their imaginations and express themselves in ways far removed from what they know now. Although less than two years old, Writing Through’s work is already being recognized within the international community of organisations working to improve literacy throughout the world. Later in 2016, the program will expand into Singapore, with requests also arriving from Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia.
Judith’s Reading Room will donate $1,000 to the work of Writing Through, and will honor Sue Guiney, plus five other award winners, at a dinner co-hosted with Colonial Association of Reading Educators (C.A.R.E.) to be held on May 4th at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. Tickets cost $35 per person and are available to the public by contacting [email protected].