i recently wrote about Theatre Delicatessen here. That post was about their new mentoring programme, Departure Point. But today I want to tell you all about a rather spectacular theatrical experience going on at Theatre Delicatessen right now. I saw it Saturday night and I was blown away.
Circumference is an international group of circus performers and aerialists which has created a new production called Shelter Me specifically for the building where Theatre Delicatessen is currently resident — 119 Farringdon Road, London (otherwise known as the old Guardian building). As you are guided around different spaces within the building — including the roof! — you see this team perform it’s amazing feats of acrobatics. Actually, its more like you experience it, since you are standing right there as they hoist/twirl/roll/flip themselves all around you. For me, this was a completely new sort of theatrical experience, a merging of theatre, circus arts, dance, music…and technology. And that is the theme of the event. How do we use technology and how does it use us?
These performers are extraordinary, and I found the evening to be not only fun, but quite joyous and exhilerating. Please don’t think I’m posting about this because it is at Theatre Deli. Believe me, I don’t publicize everything that happens there. But this is very special, and I urge anyone who can come to central London to see it, to do so.
It runs until the 5 July. Curtain (so to speak) is at 8 pm, and the show lasts about 1.5 hours. Tickets are £10 and can be booked here.