Three months ago, I blogged here about a wonderful new publication called Unsung Heroes.  It is a “coffee table book” and more, a volume full of beautiful photographs but also important information about the people working in Cambodia to affect change. The Siem Reap educational shelter, Anjali House,  and the writing workshop which I run within it are featured prominently in an article called Lessons from the Street.  But we are just one of forty organisations featured in this unusual and beautiful book.

It’s taken a while for the book’s website to be online and for the book itself to be available for purchase. But I’m happy to say that it now is, PLUS TODAY marks the launch of the ebook version — perfect for the traveler looking for volunteer opportunities and all sorts of helpful information about spending time in Cambodia.

Readers of this blog know that Cambodia and the program I run there are crucial to my working life. It is what I do, just as much as writing novels and poetry is. I suppose it is also more and more becoming who I am. I used to say I was a writer. Now I say I am a writer, and a teacher, and an activist. Do take a look at the book to find out more. And if you buy it, either as a coffee table book or an ebook, you’ll be supporting the good work that so many people do in that part of the world. Thanks.