On Sunday, 4 December at 7.30 pm, I’ll  be a featured poet at the Torriano Poetry Series, held at the Torriano Meeting House, 99 Torriano Avenue , London NW5. My fellow Ward Wood poet, Peter Phillips, will be joining me and reading from his wonderfully poignant and often humorous collection, No School Tie. I’m quite excited about this reading. The Torriano Series is one I have heard about for years and years. It’s run by Hearing Eye, an independent poetry press that’s been publishing since 1987. Many of my favourite British poets have read there, and I’m thrilled to now be added to their list. If Kentish Town is local to where you are likely to be hanging out on Sunday evening, do come by. There will be an open mic as well and lots of opportunity to do some Christmas shopping for those poetry lovers in your life.

And speaking of Christmas shopping, I’m in the process of compiling my own list of suggested books for this year, something I haven’t done before. Surprising how difficult it is to pick and choose. But while I’m still noodling over this, let me point you in the direction of the great deal Ward Wood have just started. Poetry, novels, novellas of all sorts and stripes, all by some of the most talented and creative writers around (if I do say so myself). And to make it even better, Ward Wood is contributing a portion of each sale to charity. What could  be better?



For each purchase we donate £3 to charity

It’s the season for remembering friends and family with gifts, and if you’re giving the gift of books we have some tempting discounts.

 £3 will be donated to two London Cold Weather Shelters for the homeless with each purchase.

You can choose a single poetry collection or a novel by any of our authors, together with the prizewinning short poetry collection by Caroline Squire which won the first Lumen/Camden Poetry Competition in aid of the homeless – An Apple Tree Spouts Philosophy.

The brand new Bedford Square 5 anthology of fiction and poetry from the MA in creative writing led by Andrew Motion and Jo Shapcott is also part of this offer.

 Both books will cost just £8.99 (poetry) or £9.99 (fiction/anthology) in the UK (£10.49 for poetry or £11.99 for fiction to other countries) and we’ll pass £3 to the Cold Weather Shelters. The prices include postage.

The brand new Bedford Square 5 anthology of fiction and poetry from the MA in creative writing led by Andrew Motion and Jo Shapcott is also part of this offer.

If you’d rather have three books, then you can choose any two from our list and we’ll add in the prizewinning book from Caroline Squire and donate £3 to charity. This offer is £15.99 in the UK £17.99 to other countries.

We think it’s an offer that’s hard to beat, with prices as tempting as we can make them to help you with your gift shopping list.

The international Camden/Lumen Poetry Competition judged by Carol Ann Duffy with publication of a 20-page short collection as the prize is now open again. Your short collection could be part of our seasonal offers at this time next year, and all entry fees (£2.50 per poem or £10 for 6) will go to the Cold Weather Shelters charity at a time of year when they need support. Details of the offers and the competition are on our website www.wardwoodpublishing.co.uk