It’s my birthday tomorrow. I don’t care what anybody says…I love birthdays, and the older I get the more I want to celebrate them.  So I’m off with Mr D (I decided to stop calling him “hubby” here – he deserves better) for a weekend in Dubrovnik.  Yes,  some might be surprised to hear I’ve decided to spend my birthday weekend in Croatia of all places, but I hear the city is beautiful and, most importantly of all to me, right on the sea.

So, no blogging from me on Sunday.  I’ll report back next week. And in the meantime, happy weekend to all  and happy birthday to me.

Courtesy of YouTube and doctorzalus 77, whoever you may be.


Stanley Park has it’s online premiere on Thurs 3rd June (for one week) then it will air on BBC3. Please visit, watch, and leave a comment on the blog – tell them if you like it and why.  Leo needs good feedback to get the series. Let’s help CurvingRoad’s own take this next big step in his career.