I know I’m a control freak, but I couldn’t have organized the timing of this if I tried…..

On September 30, 2008, CurvingRoad opened it’s biggest production to date, the play Sh*t–M*x by Leo Richardson.  Perhaps you remember? It ran to great reviews and cheering audiences for three weeks in London’s West End Theatre, The Trafalgar Studio.  This was Leo’s first play.  Although he had trained as an actor, he had no professional training as a writer.  But talent will out.  Here was the blurb we ran on all the pr:
    Raggedy Anne is gagging to go out with LB, but he has a few guilty secrets. Dirty Debbie isn’t really helping matters; all she’s concerned about is finishing her first erotic novel. Maybe Bent Ben will find out what’s wrong. And will anyone catch the eye of the elusive Harry the Hottie? This funny yet gritty play shows just what it is to be a teenager.

Since then, Leo’s career has skyrocketed.  Flying back and forth to L.A., all sorts of new projects are being discussed.  But I am now thrilled to be able to announce that in just a matter of weeks, BBC 3 will air the pilot of the new 6-part series Leo has developed for them, based on his play.  It is now called Stanley Park and you can read the BBC’s write-up about it here.  There is also a new facebook group here, where Leo has provided us with hilarious excerpts from Debbie’s latest erotica, an interview with her Superking smoking, gin drinking guardian, Aunty Pat, and a few touching pieces of juvenalia from the ever-intense Raggedy Ann.  Here’s one that I just must share with you:

I went to stand outside the Premiere of New Moon last week, and Robert Pattinson looked at me. It was amazing, but afterwards I hit a real low. It inspired me to write this ode.

An Ode to Robert Pattinson;

Yesterday i’d never seen you.
I was merely just a fan.
But today you finally looked at me
Yet you didn’t see who I am.

Though Ben was screaming in my ear,
I think, I thought it true,
That your wave and words were just for me
But instead you looked right through.

A part of me was ruined.
A part of me was crushed.
Like the ice from the machine in Nandos
But instead I was the empty cup.

I wish that you would bite me.
With your hollywood sparkling teeth.
But I am effervescent to you,
And you’ll never know what’s underneath.

– Raggedy Ann (Nov 2009)
Perhaps that says it all.  So please look out for Stanley Park in June on BBC 3.  And as unbelievable as it may be, CurvingRoad is at it again at the same time with our newest effort.  If you’re in London between June 8 and June 26, come on by The Old Red Lion Theatre near Angel Tube in Islington to see our newest show: The Next Curve: 2 One Act Plays.  Who knows what this production will lead to for our two new authors.  But if you’ll allow me a moment of mushiness, I will say that being a part of bringing such great talent into the public eye has been one of the great joys and privileges I’ve had in this writing life of mine.  Having the “old” Leo and the “new” J.D. and Michael all coming together at the same time is rather amazing, don’t you think?