Hi. Remember me? I feel like it’s been yonks since I last blogged, but I see that it’s been less than a week. I guess it is that strange phenomenon called “island time” finally creeping into my molecules. Everything takes longer, lasts longer, goes slower.

London is beginning to feel further and further away, but not so far away that I can’t do some shameless promotion on behalf of Number 1 Son, otherwise known as “the actor.” He is in a new play in London called “Pedal Pusher” about the Tour de France and he plays Lance Armstrong. It is produced by a wonderful company called Theatre Delicatessen. As they say in their own promotional material:
Formed in 2007 by Artistic Directors Jessica Brewster, Frances Loy & Roland Smith and Executive Producer Mauricio Preciado Awad, theatredelicatessen is a growing young company that aspires to create work inspired by alternative theatre spaces, makes full use of an ensemble cast, and is inherently rooted in text – be this traditional, established or devised.
You can read more about it, not to mention book tickets, here. This is the first time I won’t be able to see him in one of his plays, and it does break my heart, I must admit. So for those of you who love new theatre and find yourselves in London between now and August 1st, do go along and then write and tell me all about it.
That’s it for now. Sorry to be so brief and, to be honest, I know that my postings will be a bit sporadic over the next few weeks, but do keep checking in. I’ll write when I have something to say.