Starting tomorrow, 9 July, there will be a special film series beginning in Edinburgh at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.
The Just Independent Asian Film Festival aims to open our eyes to the realities of Asia today as seen through some of its newest and most interesting filmmakers. The film festival is the brainchild of Edinburgh -based Cambodia specialist, Ruta Kuzminskaite, along with the filmmaker and writer, Ashvin Immanuel Devasundaram.
Yesterday, via the wonders of modern technology, I was interviewed by Ruta, and the results of that interview will serve as the introduction to the Cambodian films. I’m thrilled to be able to be a part of this festival, and help further raise awareness in Britain about the truths, both hard and beautiful, of Cambodia today. I was quite honoured to have been asked, and although I can’t be there myself, I can at least take part in the festival in this way — not to mention having books on sale up there over the coming weeks as the Asian Film Festival melds into the main Just Festival. That festival, as noted in their promotional material, begins on 1st August 2014, and will
         explore issues of peace, faith, home, freedom and forgiveness through a dynamic and diverse programme of performances, conversations, talks, workshops, films, exhibitions and family events.
You can see the entire programme of events here or you can follow the Festival on Facebook and Twitter.
Edinburgh is such an amazing place during the summers. I envy those of you who can be up there taking advantage of it all.