Published Works

Published Works

Out of the Ruins

Out of the Ruins be­gins with one Cam­bod­ian doc­tor’s frus­tra­tion over how the poor women in his coun­try are dying need­lessly. He reaches out to friends to help him cre­ate a new clinic for the local vil­lages around Siem Reap’s world fam­ous temples, and they an­swer his call.

Irish Dr Di­ar­muid ar­rives with his Eng­lish as­sist­ant, Dr Gemma, and Ca­na­dian ad­min­is­trator Mr Fred. To­gether they cre­ate a place where the poor women of Cam­bodia can find the basic care that so much of the world has long since taken for gran­ted.

The young and am­bi­tious Cam­bod­ian nurse Srey acts as in­ter­preter and door­way into the trust of the local com­munity, but her ideal­ised view of west­ern medi­cine will be ser­i­ously shaken.

Tra­di­tion col­lides with sci­ence as East meets West, and though the doc­tors are all too eager to help, they have much to learn about their own per­sonal demons in this des­per­ate and se­duct­ive so­ci­ety.

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Writer Sue Guiney finds beauty in the most desperate situations.

The Bangkok Post

A wonderful haunting novel that now rates as one of my favourites.

, bestselling author of Pink Wellies and Flat Caps

This is a story that will grip you, with its very real and flawed protagonists and fascinating setting. I read the book straight through, I was utterly absorbed.

, author of My Mother is an Upright Piano

A Clash of Innocents

Against the back­drop of Cam­bodia’s vi­ol­ent past and the be­gin­nings of its new Tribunal for justice, a story of dis­placed souls un­folds in this first novel of Sue’s Cam­bod­ian tri­logy. In Cam­bodia, in­no­cents are every­where. Every­one is in­no­cent, or so they would like to be­lieve—every­one, ex­cept the few who, for their own private reas­ons, take on the guilt of the many.

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Against the evocative background of Cambodia, this is the heart-warming story of the indomitable Deborah, who runs an orphanage and fights with he own demons as the country struggles to come to terms with its bloody history. Guiney keeps us wanting more with this tale of the triumph of love in impossible circumstances. A real page-turner.

You’ll want to read this book if you’ve been to Cambodia—you’ll understand a lot that you didn’t at the time. And you’ll want to read it if you've never been and never will. It’s just a story very well told.

, author of A Woman of Angkor

Dreams of May

Fea­tur­ing twenty-two poems for a single voice, Sue Guiney’s Dreams of May fol­lows a jour­ney that starts on a train and travels through a tu­mul­tu­ous range of emo­tions be­fore ar­riv­ing at the peace found in dreams.

This play was first per­formed at the Pen­ta­met­ers Theatre in Hamp­stead be­fore being pro­duced in lit­er­ary fest­ivals and uni­versit­ies around the UK. Five years later, it is now presen­ted in an up­dated form for a new audi­ence.

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I would very much recommend this book, its images have stayed with me for weeks following a single reading.

Gold Dust

Sue Guiney has the art of drawing the audience into her world, and setting your mind off on flights of fancy.

Theatre World

Her Life Collected

Maiden, woman, crone—three tra­di­tional stages in the fe­male lifespan. In Sue Guiney’s Her Life Col­lec­ted, these stages are re-en­vi­sioned for a mod­ern time, ex­amin­ing through po­etry the fem­in­ine re­sponse to love, be­trayal, moth­er­hood, art, loss and gain as it changes throughout the dec­ades of an ima­gined life.

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Sue Guiney's poems evoke scenes from an Audrey Hepburn movie, an American teen movie, and a movie based on a novel by Anita Brookner. In bright images and scenarios she presents us with a life fully observed in the passage of time, unsparingly honest and very engaging.

Sue Guiney has the art of drawing the audience into her world, and setting your mind off on flights of fancy.

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Tangled Roots

Two voices interweave, an aging mother and her adult son, to carry us from Boston to London to Moscow and back again. Through physics, religion, travel and even baseball, they express the often unknown, yet undeniable, influences one life will have on another.

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