Western Baray: Before Classes Begin


The Sunday before my workshops started, I went with an Australian volunteer/friend and two of my Khmer students to watch the sunset at the Western Baray. This is a reservoir made during the time of the Angkor kings (so they say). It has turned into a sort of beach club for the locals. The water isn’t particularly clean, but on a scorching day it’s more than inviting. Below is a little 1 minute travelogue about it. It’s my first attempt at a video so bear with me. Hopefully these will get better. But it’s fascinating to see how they use this area. Right now, there is plenty of sandy beach, but remember, during the rainy season the water might go all the way up to the cement walls that surround it. I should also mention that this area is significantly mentioned in the next novel…..


Carol said:

Sounds and images so evocative of Thailand!! There really are a lot of similarities between the two countries!

Loved watching this and seeing where parts of the next book are going to be based.

C x



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